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Monday, April 30, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 23 - Just Get Over It

Today I did a 30 minute session and it was just great.  I was thinking about a question someone had asked me:  What was my health condition that required Crystal Bed Healing?

I could give a laundry list of my ailments but that might be considered whining so I won't do that.  The real reason for me getting Crystal Bed treatments is that I contracted a serious case of MRSA -- medicine-resistant staph infection -- several years ago and I felt that I had never fully recovered my health after that.

I had a MRSA infection along a 10-inch surgical wound in my abdomen which I'd contracted in a hospital in Annapolis after part of my large intestine had been removed due to an infected and perforated colon.  This was a double-whammy that almost killed me -- I was on the strongest oral and intravenous antibiotics for two months fighting for my life.

Then I found out a few months ago that MRSA never really leaves the body, it can reoccur at any time, and it permanently damages the immune system.  This really upset me since I was hoping that that terrible chapter of m life was completely over.

Thinking back on that time of my life brought back a lot of bad memories and emotions.  So today on the  Crystal Bed I had to confront them again and I realized that part of my healing was to get over my bitterness about everything that had happened to me several years ago.

I suppose this is not unusual in that most people have things that have happened in their lives they could be bitter about.  With the  Crystal Bed and my healthier lifestyle I was determined not to let the MRSA reoccur -- I didn't want to live through that horrible experience again.

I also had figured out that I had better get over the bitterness and regret if I was going to truly be a healthy and happy person.

And I felt good this day -- I was really feeling happier than I had felt in a long time.  This shows that healing is not just physical.  There is the mental and emotional part also.

If we have things inside us making us unhealthy and unhappy then here is some good advice:  Just Get Over It.  It's time to move on.  The Crystal Bed was helping me do that.

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