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Monday, April 16, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 10 -- Minding Your Own Business

My 10th visit to the Crystal Bed took place early in the morning, and I was on my way to a big business meeting in Orlando with a video production company. We were going to be talking about a joint venture business relationship.

I was curious to see what effect the Crystal Bed would have on my normal "pre-meeting jitters" and the meeting itself. I wanted to see if it really did calm my nerves and heighten my senses and make me think more clearly.

I actually started thinking about this on the Crystal Bed, which led to an insight about people and relationships. Why let people bother me or annoy me? There was no need for this.

I resolved I would be a lot better off by just minding my own business, and let people deal with their own issues. Seems like when we get annoyed with other people it's because of something they do that we want them to change.

It was clear to me I would be well served to stay out of their business and just attend to my own.
I still could give them unconditional love and light, so I wouldn't be ignoring them. I just wouldn't let their behavior or anything about them bother me at all.

In other words, I decided that "mind your own business" was good spiritual advice!

The Crystal Bed really was making me a calmer person with less anxiety. It had been helping me deal with Mom being in hospice. It helped me have a great business meeting later in the day. I was feeling a lot of positive energy.

In fact, I started to notice that most other people did not have this kind of positive energy. Many people seem a little "down" or tired. Of course these people have not been getting the daily Crystal Bed treatments. I was picking up on their energies.

The Crystal Bed was a bit like a "natural high" or "pick me up." In fact, if I acted too cheerful, I felt like people were give me funny looks. I started to worry that my excessive positive energy was annoying other people!

I decided I really needed to start paying attention to how my Crystal Bed experiences might be affecting my relationships with other people. I wasn't worried, but thought it was something to be aware of anyway.

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