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Friday, April 13, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 7 -- Responsibility

When I went in for my 7th treatment on the Crystal Bed it was once again a totally different experience than I had had previously. My mind was a bit preoccupied since I was on my way to see my mother again in hospice care in Longwood, Florida. I felt a lot of responsibility for her care, both financially and spiritually. Her condition had stabilized but it still seemed likely that her time on earth was near an end.

So there was a lot on my mind but I was very much at peace concerning where we were spiritually. She was undoubtedly ready to leave her earthly body and enter the spirit realm. I had been saying prayers with her.

I also read something called "Release of the Spirit" given to me by Rev. Dr. Phillip DeLong at our Monday night spiritual development class,and it was very comforting.

The Release of the spirit asks The Divine to take all imperfect and impure energy arising from our earthly lives and "transmute it all into the Ascended Masters eternally sustained purity, freedom and perfection." It calls on the Ascended Master Saint Germain to "Keep the violet fire of freedom's love blazing." This made me feel good, and so I was at peace with the transition that was about to take place for my Mother.

As I lay on the Crystal Bed I started thinking about the necessity to take responsibility for one's own health. That is, I felt that even though I was receiving Crystal Bed treatments for healing, I also had a more active role to play. I had to do my part in the healing process.

This word "responsibility" kept running through my head, and I saw that even though a person can go to John of God, or another healer, or to a medical doctor, we also have responsibility to take additional steps to lead a healthy life.

To me this means living a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and eating right, and keeping one's mind healthy and filled with positive thoughts, were all important elements of healing.

In fact, it seemed that the more I did the Crystal Bed Healing, the more I was able to lead a healthy lifestyle in other ways. It is all interconnected. A part of the healing that takes place from Crystal Bed Therapy is to make or motivate a person to eat right, exercise right, think positively, and connect more often with divine energy.

So the healing is not just a physical thing. It actually can transform one's entire life: soul, mind, body, relationships,finances -- everything.

Then my thoughts turned to my businesses and how they could help more people. All the people who own small businesses really need help in using the internet to grow their businesses and obtain more customers (which is what I do).

Someone (a master salesman) once told me this: If you really believe in what you are doing, then you have the responsibility to help people, even if they don't recognize the need immediately. You do this through education, and by motivating them to do the right thing for themselves.

In other words, don't give up if people are reluctant initially to buy what you are selling. You really must believe that what you are selling is important and will help them. This could apply to almost anything that people need but don't have.

Most people don't automatically do the right thing. They waste money on frivolous things, and they make wrong financial decisions. They increase credit card debt for impulsive purchases, they chase illusory gains in the stock market, and they buy lottery tickets.

So this thought kept occurring to me on the Crystal Bed. I realized I had a mission and purpose to help people, and not to give up easily in my efforts to do this in my chosen way. This could apply to whatever path someone chooses to help people and to make a living.

All of a sudden my body started tingling again and I could feel the healing Crystal Bed energy coursing through my body. It had been about 25 minutes and I realized I'd had enough for the day and got up to go see my Mother.

There was no trance or deep meditation or dream state today, but a lot of good thoughts. So this is another positive result from going on the Crystal Bed regularly. It apparently can really help with mental clarity and making good decisions in important areas of life.

Throughout this session I had been thinking of my children Ethan and Victoria also, and many of the thoughts I had concerned my responsibilities to them. That is, I have a personal responsibility to be healthy and successful financially, and this is part of my responsibility to them, as their father.

So my feeling today was that the Crystal Bed could make me healthy in a holistic way, and this in turn would help me meet all of the responsibilities that I have in life. As Mannie would say, these are not things you "have to do" but rather are things "you get to do."

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