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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 24 - Holding It Together

Today on the Crystal Bed I had an experience that was becoming more common.  I went deep into my subconscious mind, even though I was conscious.  It is like having a vivid dream while being only half asleep.

These experiences always seem very profound yet I am still unable to remember them in any detail.  And the images I do remember are difficult for me to interpret and give meaning to.  I've decided I need to work on this because I think that I am receiving some valuable information when this happens on the Crystal Bed.

My thoughts today revolved around the words Connect and Communicate.  It seemed like I was being told to help people with these things.  For example, the recent internet developments in Social Media have made it easier for people to connect and communicate with each other.  This is a good thing.  We all need to do this.  My mission in life may be to help others do this who don't know as much about the internet and social media as I do (having spent years studying these subjects).

One challenging aspect of modern life is the pace of change.  This is especially true when it comes to the internet.  A few years ago nobody had heard of Facebook, and now it is challenging Google for internet dominance.  The reason for Facebook's success is the way it helps people connect and communicate. 
Other sites like Google and LinkedIn and even YouTube do these things also.

But still, coping with rapid change is not easy.  This applies to changes in our personal and professional lives as well as changes in technology.  It is necessary to be in balance, and to find one's center.  I think the Crystal Bed is really helping me do this.

When Yeats wrote "things fall apart, the centre cannot hold" I think he was referring to the rapid changes the world went through in the early 20th century. We all are responsible for being centered -- for holding it together.

Yet we do need help in doing this.  It's helpful to have a community to be part of and connect with.  In today's world it's up to each of us to find our own communities and support groups.  This is important as traditional and historical communities have gone by the wayside.

The Crystal Bed seems able to give me what I call a "psychic energy recharge." Where it is located -- Daytona Books & Metaphysics -- seems to have become a place where like-minded people with positive energy can connect and communicate about important topics.

I think it is the job of each one of us to help others in our communities to learn and grow -- and to connect and communicate.  This is a great opportunity for us to grow as individuals also.  Maybe this is why we are here.

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