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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 16 - Understanding the Inexplicable

Today is my 60th birthday.  Only did 22 minutes on the Crystal Bed today but that was enough.  Feel very contented today for some inexplicable reason.  I think the Crystal Bed has made a difference in my life in subtle ways.

I’m still thinking a lot about relationships with other people.  I met a new friend for coffee this morning and we had a good conversation.

I'm finding the Crystal Bed is helping me see the truth of the way things are, with people and relationships.  Whenever I am around other people I'm getting strong feelings about them now.  I’m seeing more clearly where they fit into my life.  Everyone I meet or talk to has come into my life for a reason, I believe.

Last night I had a conversation with another friend about the difference among the words clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.  Since I was having more psychic and metaphysical experiences on the Crystal Bed I decided I should look up these words and figure out what they mean.  I thought this would help me understand my own experiences better.

Here’s what I found out about what some people call ESP:

·         A clairvoyant ("clear seeing") has intuitive knowledge of people and things by seeing with the inner mind.
·         A clairaudient ("clear hearing") is intuitively able to communicate and receive guidance through the sense of hearing.
·         A clairsentient ("clear seeing"), sometimes called "Empathic", intuitively feels people and/or things.
·         Clairessence ("clear smelling") is intuitive ability to communicate, listen and receive guidance through the sense of smell.
·         A medium or channeler moves out of the way and allows others, such as the angels, to speak or act through them.

This is all new to me yet very interesting to think about.  More and more scientists are doing research and obtaining a greater understanding of the human mind.  We have a lot of mental capabilities that we don’t understand very well.  That is certainly true of me!

Being on the Crystal Bed felt very good today and I was very relaxed afterwards. I wished I could remember and understand more of my mental or psychic experiences while on the Crystal Bed, and I was hoping that would come in time.  I think it will.

Perhaps the process of aligning and cleansing the chakras will improve my mental clarity and focus, and help me use more of my mind in positive ways.  I thought that would be a terrific result of my Crystal Bed treatments.  Time will tell!

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