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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Does The Crystal Bed Help You Manifest What You Want In Life?

Although I haven't been experiencing the Crystal Bed for very long, I talked to someone who knows more than I do and she told me the Crystal Bed has had a profound change on her life. She said that since she started Crystal Bed healing treatments her thoughts have been manifested more quickly in her life.

The woman who I talked to is called a "Reader" and she gives readings to people who come into Daytona Books & Metaphysics. She said that she had started to notice after a few Crystal Bed treatments that whenever she thought of something it soon thereafter appeared in her life or happened in her life.

Her comments really had my head spinning. What if that was true? What if Crystal Bed treatments have that kind of effect? What would it mean to us if we were able to very quickly manifest our thoughts into our lives?

I'm not sure how something like that could happen. I guess it would be because the Crystal Bed cleanses and energizes our Chakras. This is definitely a topic I will be exploring more in the future. I also decided I should -- and would -- pay more attention to the connection between my thoughts and what was actually happening in my life. It is a little scary to think about. What if you have bad thoughts and they manifest bad things in your life? Hmmm.

This made me resolve to (as much as I can) think only good thoughts and only think about positive things happening in my life!

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