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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 14 - Healing

Today I went in around 11:00 but had a bad night's sleep and was extremely tired. I realized that spending every day and evening with Mom was getting to be too much. I needed a break, psychologically and emotionally. This is because she is slowly getting worse, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm at peace with that, but then again, it is a bit hard to take, day in and day out. It made me appreciate and respect the the nurses who took care of Mom 24/7. They were really caring people and doing a great job.

When I got on the Crystal Bed I really needed rejuvenation -- and I got it. I went into a deep rest helped by meditation. Jude knocked on the door after 30 minutes, and it seemed like I'd only been there a few minutes. I'd totally lost track of time! The crystal light energy can really send you into a deep rest on all levels. Sometimes that's just what we need, and it really helps with healing on all levels also.

When I got up I felt 100% better than before the Crystal Bed treatment. Not only physically rested but more mentally focused also. I still wasn't sure of the long term effects of the Crystal Bed but I knew one thing for sure: today it helped me feel a lot better immediately. "Here and Now."

To paraphrase an old saying: I don't know much about crystals (or crystal beds, or light therapy) but I know what I like! I was beginning to really like my crystal bed experiences very much.  They were making me feel better, and I could sense that healing was taking place for me on all levels.  And that's just what I need!

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