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Friday, April 27, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 20 - What I Would Do If I Had Only 30 Days To Live

Today was a noon session on the Crystal Bed so it was physically relaxing but also very mental.  I enjoy it when deep physical rest is combined with interesting thoughts and insights.

The thought going through my head today was one that Mannie discusses in his book: 

What would you do if you had only 30 days to live?

My answer is:  Just what I'm doing now.  Only more of it.

Not sure if this is a good answer or not.  Am I missing something?  Why is it I don't want to do anything different from what I'm doing now?

Perhaps this means I should just be happy!  I’m doing what I want to do every day.  I’m getting healthier every day.  I’m writing every day.  I’m interacting with great people every day.  I’m surrounded by positive energy.

But I do wish I could do more of what I'm doing now.  Write more.  Talk to more people.  Experience more of what I'm experiencing.  Get healthier faster.  Get more clients.  Lose more weight faster!

Wanting to do more of what I'm doing is probably a good thing.  As always, we must be patient.  All good things come in time on the earth plane.

Today I did 45 minutes on the Crystal Bed and was really zapped with energy all day and into the night.  I was experiencing a definite “chakra buzz.” It was a good feeling.

After being on the Crystal Bed Mannie did an aura reading for me using special photographic equipment he has in his store.  It showed my aura was all light and bright lavender.  We agreed that the Crystal Bed is having a positive effect both on my life and on my aura.

Disclosure:  I don't know much about auras or chakras or crystals. 

There are people teaching classes at Daytona Books & Metaphysics who know a lot about these things, and I realize I need to study more and learn more.  Maybe get some books at the bookstore.

But I do know I feel a lot of energy flowing through me on the Crystal Bed.  I do know I feel much healthier.  I feel centered, balanced, connected, energized and focused.  Those are good things.

Even though I don’t know much about chakras, I do know what I like.  And I am really liking the effect the Crystal Bed is having on my life.

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  1. All your "cheerleading" regarding the Crystal Bed finally pushed me through the doors of Daytona Books & Metaphysics! I must say, I went in open-minded, not expecting to feel anything, really. After all, I surround myself with what I believe to be healthy energies by regularly meditating, learning, keeping healing crystal energies with me, focusing on positive thoughts, eating a bit healthier, and increasing physical activity little by little every day. I've been feeling pretty good! So I did it...finally. I layed myself down on that Bed...and I did feel something...subtle internal "movement" in my abdominal and hip area. The EXACT area where I've had a little bit of medical issues! Could it be that just a little CORRECT energy exposure was able to align and "unkink" my Root Chakra? When I finished about 20-25 minutes later, I was truly relaxed. Very good experience! And I will absolutely go again. I realize that each one of us may experience the Crystal Bed differently, but I am looking forward to the same increased healing energy from the Crystal Bed that you've been writing about.
    30 days? I want to feel Sedona's energy...I want to meditate on the edge of the Grand Canyon, I want to sleep under the giant redwoods of Oregon, I want to dance on the beaches in Mexico, I want to hear the roar of Niagra Falls and I want to see the Northern Lights again, but now through adult eyes. I want to surround myself with the people I love and I want to be loved by someone so special to my heart that i can't believe he chose me!
    And on the 31st day, I want to die laughing...because I had so much fun! I squeezed every moment I could out of this life on earth through healing, praying, learning, witnessing, loving, sharing and playing...and I look forward to "next time".