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Monday, April 9, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 5 -- Mom, Dad & Lunch

My fifth visit to the Crystal Bed was great. I was feeling some grief since my mother in Longwood was taking a turn for the worse, and they were stepping up her hospice care. I wasn't sure how long she would be with us and so was going through a mixture of emotions. Sorry at the thought of losing her, and joy and peace at the thought of her going to a better world.

There were a lot of things going on in my mind, but I generally was feeling calm and well-rested before going in for my Crystal Bed session. I was doing it early in the day, and that might have made a difference also.

I was thinking a lot about relationships and people I know, so the session started out as a mental experience more than spiritual, physical or emotional.

While on the Crystal Bed a lot of things went through my mind that I had not of thought of before. The Crystal Bed seems to bring me clarifying and insightful thoughts that are interesting and helpful in my life.

One thought I had concerns what causes conflicts in human relationships. One very important factor in two people getting along is what they care about. If they don't care about the same things then it is not likely they will be happy or compatible in a relationship. This made me see that people grow apart if they start caring about different things.

For example, if one person starts caring about spiritual things more than material things, but the other person still cares about material success, that can cause a split because the two people simply want different things now and perhaps should no longer be together.

Or maybe one person cares about social activities, and the other person doesn't want to participate in those activities any more. Or maybe one person loves being in a big city because of all the things to do, but the other person doesn't care about those things anymore, and wants the peace and quiet of the country.

So the insight I had on the Crystal Bed was that you have to follow your heart and do what is important to you. You can't give up your truth and stop caring about what is most important to you, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. I wanted to tell my children to get in touch with their intuition and follow it to get what they really want out of life.

My Dad gave me a little message during the session. He told me to continue on my spiritual path. This made me realize that the spirit world is with us all the time. I felt like there was really no separation between the physical world and the spiritual world, and we should let the spirit come into our lives and give us help and guidance more often.

This also made me see very clearly that even after my mother leaves Planet Earth she will still be with us. I felt joyful about this, and it helped me deal with my grief and sadness.

All of these thoughts and insights came during increasingly deep physical relaxation of my body. Eventually I went into a deep meditation with dream-like images floating through my mind. These were very vivid images but I couldn't remember them since they didn't last long. It seemed like I was drifting in and out of conscious awareness. As soon as I saw a dream-like image, I came back to consciousness, but my body stayed in a place of deep rest.

So this session was very unusual -- I had never experienced anything like it. It was really pretty cool, though. There was a nice feeling that is hard to describe;
Very relaxed and at peace, yet also energetic and energized.

Then I started thinking about food, and realized that even though it was 2:30 pm I had not eaten lunch. When thoughts turn to food it is time to get up from the Crystal Bed, so I stopped the session after about 30 minutes.

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