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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 11 -- Psychic Diet Plan

My 11th visit to the Crystal Bed included more communications and thoughts of communications.

I wondered if I was receiving metaphysical communications such as clairvoyance since I'd been seeing things in my "mind's eye" during my Crystal Bed experiences. Perhaps I was developing more psychic abilities.

I'd been with my Mom in hospice every day for the past week, and even though she didn't speak, I felt like we were communicating on some level anyway. I was beginning to think we could transfer thoughts to each other.

Because of this I decided to pay more attention to communications I was receiving and try to develop my psychic skills more. I began to realize I could feel her vibrations and know what she was thinking and feeling.

During the Crystal Bed experience I was seeing a lot of images but could not really remember or interpret them. In fact, I didn't even know what they were. Could they be:

* Memories?
* Dreams?
* Visions?
* Past Lives?
* Clairvoyancy?

I really wasn't sure and I didn't know how to find out, so this is something I need to get more information about.

Today my business thoughts were also about communications. That is, it became clear to me how I could truly help business owners communicate better with their customers and potential customers. So I resolved I should be more active to try to help people do this.

The Crystal Bed made me feel energized again today, but in a different way. Today I felt like a transmission tower sending out radio waves or energy of some kind. I felt like a transmitter of light energy. This felt good, but it also made me feel like I was doing good for others.

Not only that, I noticed that since starting my Crystal Bed treatments my body weight had gone down. Could the Crystal Bed be part of a weight reduction program? That would be great and certainly would make more people interested!

This was really turning out to be a good experience for me. And my clothes fit me better too!

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