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Friday, April 20, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 13 -- Joy in Living

My thirteenth day on the Crystal Bed was also Friday the 13th. But I didn't notice it till later. I don't pay attention to such things and am not superstitious.

This was another morning treatment since I was on my way to spend the day with Mom. This always makes the Crystal Bed experience more cerebral and my head was filled with many thoughts as usual.

Doing the Crystal Bed in the morning gives me a lot of good energy for the rest of the day. Doing the Crystal Bed late in the afternoon is like getting my battery re-charged. Both are enjoyable and worthwhile.

While on the Crystal Bed today my thoughts were revolving around some words I'd read in the book "Hands of Light" which I'd purchased at the bookstore a few weeks earlier. It's a book for healers, and in it there is a discussion about the fallacy of feeling superior.

As we progress along our own individual spiritual paths in life it does us no good to feel superior to anyone else. (Nor inferior either.) Everyone is at their own place, and there can be no judgmentalism involved.

This made me think of a quote I'd read recently: "Competition kills the spirit; cooperation nourishes it."

If our goal in life is merely to beat other people, we will have an empty life. There is no joy in beating people, and feeling superior about it. It ends up making you feel separate and alone, instead of loved and connected with others.

While talking with Mannie later he asked me if I'd ever heard the phrase "Be Here Now" which is the name of a popular New Age book from the 1970's written by Baba Ram Dass. I think the name of the book says it all.

Mannie's point is that we need to live in the moment. Just look around you and appreciate what you have right now. Don't bring all the made-up worries about the future into the present moment. Live in the here and now and you will appreciate live more as it passes by.

When we do that a lot of tension leaves us and joy comes to us. Joy is my word for today, I decided. My goal is not to beat people nor compare myself to others. I want to live life to the fullest and experience joy.

The reason we do things, and do them as well as we can, is not to "win" but for the pure joy in doing something great. There is a joy in living and doing things that has nothing to do with comparing ourselves to other people.

If you live fully in the moment and follow your heart and your own guidance, then you will know each day that you are doing the right thing, and you will live a good life -- the life you are supposed to live.

Maybe that is what the Crystal Bed is doing for me. If so, that is a wonderful thing.

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