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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 17 - Catch A Wave and Hang Ten

Today I went in to the Crystal Bed around 5 pm and am pleased to report that nothing happened.  

The Crystal Bed experience was very good, but uneventful.  Before going in I was already well rested since I had meditated earlier.  I suppose this is a lesson in healing.  It usually happens slowly over time without being accompanied by flashes of lightening or bells and whistles.

Since it was late I was feeling rushed and had a short session – about 20 minutes.  Yet that was long enough for me to get a good healing experience.

I did have a business insight.  (On the Crystal Bed, if my body is rested my mind is usually very active.)  My thoughts today were about my new business venture of writing a video marketing newsletter. 

On the Crystal Bed I made a business decision:  to set up a new website at  I also decided to contact all the video production companies in the US and Canada to ask them to subscribe so they could send this valuable information to their video customers. 

Video marketing is a growth industry on the internet and I want to do my part to help.  I also want to ride the wave of a growing business sector: online video.  It was time to go surfing, hang ten, and have a great time.

For some reason I felt that with my Crystal Bed healing I could accomplish anything.  It's not that it makes me feel omnipotent, but rather it makes me feel very confident.  Not only am I losing weight and feeling healthier, I am also making better business decisions.

Looking back on my Crystal Bed experiences so far, I am struck with how focused and clear my thinking has become in all areas of my life.  

Even without the health benefits, this would make the Crystal Bed experience worthwhile. 

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