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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 9 - Relaxation

My 9th trip to the Crystal Bed was done late in the day and was very intense and deep. I'd been physically active earlier in the day and my body was a bit tired, and some of my muscles were aching. After the Crystal Bed treatment, however, the tiredness and aching were gone! There was no question that overall I was feeling better due to the Crystal Bed treatments. I seemed better rested, more relaxed and had a general feeling of well-being.

Today I decided to try something new -- to meditate while on the Crystal Bed. This contributed to a very intense and deep experience. When I was done I was not groggy or drowsy at all even though I'd gone very deep into the meditation. Afterwards I needed a few minutes to readjust to "the real world!"

I felt like my nervous system had been calmed down while at the same time my senses were heightened. I could hear sounds very acutely on the Crystal Bed but they did not bother or annoy me in any way.

On the other hand the pleasant sounds I heard from the meditation CD's enhanced my Crystal Bed experience tremendously. I felt extremely sensitive to the healing sounds and allowed them to go through my entire body and nervous system and I felt like they had a significant healing effect.

My conclusion for today was that the Crystal Bed's cumulative effects were beginning to pay off in several different ways, and I was glad for that!

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