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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Daytona Books & Metaphysics -- Full Of Unexpected Delights

One of the interesting and beneficial things about coming to get Crystal Bed healing is that you get to spend time in Daytona Books & Metaphysics. This is not only a very interesting bookstore and metaphysical gift shop, it is also a place to meet fascinating people and have interesting conversations.

Mannie's vision in starting this store was partly to have it be a gathering place for like-minded, spiritual people who are seekers, and "on the path." And he has done this.

If Mannie himself is available he will always have time to talk with you. Store manager Jude Von Horsten is extremely knowledgeable about all the metaphysical products, having been the manager of a similar store at the spiritual camp of Cassadaga.

In addition to Mannie and Jude, all of the store employees are interesting to talk with, and many of them are also gifted readers and healers. You can start up a great conversation on almost any topic with these people working in the store, not to mention some of the other customers who may happen to be there when you are there.

There is always soothing, meditative music playing in the store, and this gives it a harmonious, peaceful feeling. There are crystals and gemstones of every shape, size and quality, and these no doubt emit their own healthful, soothing vibrations.

Mannie even has some priceless crystals he got from John of God in Brazil. John gave him a blessing and inspiration to start up the store and provide a Healing Center for the people of Florida, and the United States.

On several occasions during my visits to the store -- either before or after my healing session on the Crystal Bed -- I was able to talk to "Readers" who gave me incredible insights about myself. If you've never had a "Reading" then my recommendation is to go over and have one right away. They can really have a positive impact on your life.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the books! You will be able to find fascinating novels and non-fiction books of almost every kind at the store, so I recommend you get over there and check them out yourself. You can spend a lot of enjoyable time just browsing through the book racks and discovering unexpected treasures.

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