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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 6 -- My First Chakra Buzz!

My 6th day on the Crystal Bed was a very good experience, and it was another morning session because I wanted to go see my Mom in hospice care in Longwood.

Because it was in the morning I felt physically refreshed and the Crystal Bed experience was more mental. Seems that time of day might be an important variable in determining what type of Crystal Bed experience I was to have that day.

The mental part is interesting since I always do my best mental work in the mornings. My times on the Crystal Bed were becoming full of many thoughts and insights. Today I couldn't turn off my mind at all. This is unlike meditation.

Today there were many thoughts about my business ventures. How I could help people through writing and online publishing and internet marketing. I got some good insights which made me happy. I felt like I knew what I needed to do in coming days to manifest some of the things
I’ve been wanting to make happen.

INSIGHT: If you are good at something and you also like doing it, then that means you should be doing a lot of it, and maybe make a career of it!

That is the case with me and writing. (Side Note: I enjoy writing these blog posts very much -- it is a fulfilling experience for me to do this.)

There was one business thought that had been in my head for a long time which was very powerful, and I really wanted to bring this to fruition: doing joint ventures with other business owners.
During today's session this thought would not let go of me and in fact I got a very powerful feeling that this was something very important for me to do and I would be doing this in the near future.

What I liked about the feeling I got thinking this idea was that it seemed right on all levels. Spiritually and materially. Personally and professionally. Vocation and avocation. This is what I've always wanted. "Do well by doing good."

On the Crystal Bed today I had the most powerful feeling I'd ever had about how to do that. So to me this was a big step forward as well as a strong call to action.

It's not good enough just to have ideas, I'd concluded. I also had to bring those ideas to fruition by active involvement in the world. If I want good things to happen in the world I have to make them happen.

During my Crystal Bed sessions I usually listen to the pleasant, meditative music that Mannie has playing in his store. Even though the door to the Crystal Bed room is closed I can still hear the sounds.

Today something happened that had never happened before: someone started playing the Chakra Chimes midway during my session. These are specially built chimes that are tuned to the vibrations of each of our Chakras.

They have a very powerful effect on the Chakras as does the Crystal Bed. The crystal bed light energy is just one "modality." The sounds from the chimes that attune your Chakras are a different modality. Both have a good effect in cleansing, aligning, purifying and energizing
Chakras (or so I am told).

When the sounds from the attuning Chakra chimes combined with the light energy from the Crystal Bed, the resulting combination was EXTREMELY powerful. I’d never felt anything like this before! Wow.

It was a real Chakra buzz!

At first I thought my Chakras were getting TOO stimulated by having both sound and light tuning at one time. Then I got used to the feeling and just enjoyed the experience. It was interesting, enjoyable and unique.

I thought I should talk to Mannie and see if we could do more research into the combining of the two modalities.

Today had been a very powerful session with both valuable mental insights and unique physical experiences. Definitely made me want to do more.

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