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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 8 - Resurrection

My 8th trip to the Crystal Bed was Easter Sunday and I decided to attend church before experiencing the Crystal Bed and go visit my Mother afterwards. The church service, on the second floor of the bookstore building, is served by the Rev. Steve Adkins, a spiritualist minister who studied many years in England and has a unique, varied and interesting background.

Today he talked about how spiritualists believe that Jesus really did all the miracles and everything else described in the Gospels of the New Testament. They also believe that Jesus was the greatest Spiritual Master who ever lived. (Can't argue with them there!)

One of the nice things about this church is that it accepts warmly and openly people of all faiths and religions. You never feel out of place there.

In addition to that, the church services have two wonderful segments which I have never seen in any church before, but which I find very beneficial and even enjoyable. First there is a healing segment of guided meditation, and you are able to go sit in a chair on the side of the room where there are spiritual healers giving wonderful healing treatments. Then there is a guest lecture segment on some spiritual topic, and after that there is a mediumistic or psychic-type demonstration of the spiritual world.

The demonstration is a"reading" that takes place to demonstrate to people that the spiritual world exists, and that earthly death is not the end of life but possibly the beginning of a new life in the spirit. Since I don't know that much about it, that is probably all I should say, and let Steve or another Spiritualist clergy person write a guest blog post to give more details.

During the church service today, and in the bookstore afterwards, there was a joyous feeling. Everyone seemed to be filled with good, happy energy on this day of perfect weather in Daytona. Even though my mother is in hospice care I was joyous knowing she would be starting life anew in the spirit world, and this made me feel good.

So when I went onto the Crystal Bed I was in a different frame of mind than I had ever been before. It was my first Crystal Bed treatment right at noon and once again my experiences were different than they had ever been before.

Before coming to church I had written a short message on my Facebook page saying that to me, Easter meant that life was eternal. This is the message I get from the story of Jesus's resurrection three days after being crucified. If we live eternally then we should try to live life in as positive a manner as possible, since when our earthly bodies die, that is not the end of our existences.

And on the Crystal Bed I immediately started thinking about spiritual life versus material or earthly life. And once again I had some interesting thoughts and insights I had never had before.

The thought and feeling I got is that spiritual life and earthly life are not really two different things. That is, I kept feeling that earthly life was full of spirit; that the spirit world is with us even as we live on this earthly plane. This means to me that we can be on earth and think and live in a spiritual way. I had never seen and felt this so clearly as I did lying on the Crystal Bed on Easter Sunday. It gave me a deeper understanding of what Jesus said, and new insights into the story of his resurrection.

That is the funny thing about the Crystal Bed. You never know where your mind is going to lead you -- or where it is going to be led by the great energy released when your Chakras are purified and energized.

Today was a very pleasant and healing experience.

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