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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 33 -- Social Media & The Golden Rule

Today was an incredibly deep experience with many meaningful thoughts, and I couldn't remember any of them.  I was exhausted before my Crystal Bed treatment because I'd been working on a YouTube video project for a couple of days and definitely needed to recharge my batteries.

When I concluded my Crystal Bed session there was one word running through my head -- "Social." What did that mean?

Was I supposed to write more blogs?  Make more videos?  Post more on Facebook and Twitter?  Make new friends?  Go out more often?  What was my Crystal Bed message telling me today about being "social?"

I have no idea.  Sometimes we see the world through a glass darkly, especially after we just wake up or come out of a deep meditative state.

Social media, social networking, social bookmarking -- these are all the hot terms in internet marketing these days.  YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and blogs are all forms of social media.  They provide lots of different ways for us to communicate with each other that are unprecedented in human history.

For example, when I post the links to this blog on Facebook, people from my hometown (Hampton, Iowa) read it who I have not seen in over 40 years.  Sometimes they write messages about it to me.  So that's kinda cool.  This is social media on the world wide web.

The word "social" is derived from the Latin word for "allies."  So maybe the lesson is we need each other as allies in the battles that we fight every day.

The biggest battles we all have are within ourselves.  Usually the battles are between our selfish Self and our non-selfish Self.  We're supposed to care about others as much as ourselves.  This is The Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, or something like that.

We grow spiritually when we follow The Golden Rule.  It's a challenge isn't it?  We do need allies; we do need people who help us.  Being "social" and involved with other people is a good way to make sure that we fight the good fight, and win.

We would all be better off being more "social," having more allies, and following The Golden Rule. This is the message I got on the Crystal Bed today, and it is an important one.

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