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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"LOVE that knows no bounds" - Talk In The People's Church by Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong

The following “My Spirit” Lecture was given by Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong on April 29, 2012.  Rev. DeLong is a teacher of mine and his talk was extremely interesting and powerful.  He does mention the Crystal Bed, so with his permission I am posting his lecture in this blog with the hope that others will take inspiration from it also.

Thank you, and I thank the People’s Church of Divine Prophecy for inviting me to lecture today.  I would like to begin with this statement “Have you asked yourself, “How is MY Spirit today?”  Reflect on this a moment.  Now ask enthusiastically, “How is MY spirit doing today?”  This thought is an inspiration from the renowned Psychic and Author Sonia Choquette, who adds ‘Look in the mirror, and ask, “How is my Spirit doing today?” ’

When we ask our Spirit how is it doing today, we are going within and loving ourselves unconditionally.  When we do this, we have to shower ourselves in the pink ray of love, and release all of our physical, emotional and mental difficulties we are encountering at the present time.  This is difficult to do, and we must always remember we are a Spiritual being in a physical body experiencing life.  It is about connecting with the Oneness.

We can reach this state through meditation, by aligning and attuning all our chakras and accessing the Soul Star Chakra, and its connection to the Secret Chamber of the Heart, our I AM Presence, where our Spirit resides.  The Secret Chamber of the Heart is also referred to as the Threefold Flame of the Holy Christ Presence and the Flame of Life.  Drunvalo Melchizedek refers to the Secret Chamber of the Heart as the Secret of Secrets, and much of this lecture is from his teachings.  It is what the indigenous peoples of North America call the “All that is,” when one experiences life on and in all levels in synchronicity, referring to the Oneness.

The heart is so different! It perceives the world as an image, not something "real," and it sees everything at once. The heart knows only unity and Oneness, and creates from that way of seeing. It will never do anything that will be harmful to anyone or anything, for it knows that there is not "two."

All that exists is within the heart. In fact, even if it does not exist, it is still within the heart.  It is Spirit that creates.  And Spirit creates many wonderful things.  Take for example the Crystal Bed [downstairs], which uses crystals and light color healing energies.  The creation of Bio-magnetic healing devices is another example of this type of Spirit creation. Many people have experienced healing from these Spirit inventions, but we must remember and not lose sight of the fact that it is Spirit energy from the Heart that channels the healing energies, not the actual machine.

We are led to believe that love is the word for what is connected to the heart space. But from the Secret Chamber of the Heart, there are various kinds of love, and the love that we experience between two people is seldom coming from the heart. This kind of love is actually coming from the emotional body and is controlled by the right brain.

These emotional feelings are polarized, just as the brain is, and have an opposite expression — for example, love can become hate.

How often have you kissed someone you love dearly and then ten minutes later, in an argument or moment of heat, said, "I hate you!" This is a conditional love. It changes with the moment.

But in the Secret Chamber of the Heart there is a different kind of emotional body, so to speak, that does not have a polarized counterpart. This is a LOVE that knows no bounds, has no conditions, and will exist eternally no matter what.
This LOVE knows only Oneness and creates only to bring joy to all life everywhere.

When we fall from our heart to our mind, we enter into our earthly dimension of duality.

Someday soon we will all find this place within our hearts, for in this most holy place we all join together as One.

Although this sounds like New Age hype and a pipedream, it is the possibility and power of the hidden world of the Secret Chamber of the Heart.

All the world's religions and spiritual disciplines allude to this possibility, but most of them have forgotten how to actually enter this sacred space. These ways, like most of the old ways, have been lost.

This experience can never be truly lost, for it is the source of humanity and the cosmos itself. It can only be veiled.  By asking your Spirit “how are you doing today?” you are lifting that veil and accessing your Soul Path and understanding your Soul Contract for your purpose here.

As with all natural events in nature, all things have their timing. The return to the heart by humankind is only a matter of time.  The energies we are receiving now in 2012 is no coincident.

And remember, the great achievements of this human world have always began with a single man or woman, because Spirit creates.  If only one person — perhaps you? — were to enter the heart in LOVE and begin the holy dreaming process of creating a new world, can you not see that all the rest of us would someday follow?

The Secret Chamber of the Heart holds the only possibility of there ever being peace on Earth. All political actions on the Earth are being taken from Duality Consciousness, and this form of consciousness is based on ego.

As long as ego runs the course of events in the world, we will never know peace. Ego judges all events as either good or bad from its own viewpoint, and ego always thinks of itself first. As long as ego is safe and comfortable, ego doesn't usually care what happens to that which seems external to itself.

As I stated before, releasing all your physical, emotional and mental influences is not any easy task when we access the Secret Chamber of the Heart and talk to Spirit.  At this time, I am going to give some statements which I would like you to reflect upon.  If you would like, you may close your eyes.

From the Roman Statesman and Emperor Marcus Aurelius: “The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are…”

From Ascended Master Djwal Kuhl, affectionately known as Master D.K.: “I release myself this day from the imprisonment to appearances, and I open to new definitions of Reality.”

Master D.K. again “I renounce my enslavement to appearances and illusions, and I open my eyes to the true nature of everything.”
“As I thoroughly purge my mind of fearful projections, I see the Infinite
hiding behind all illusions.”

From an ancient Chinese Proverb, “After readying the every emotion, there is an understanding entering the realm.”

Adding to that proverb, “After readying AND mastering the every emotion, there is an understanding entering the realm.”

As we reflected on those last two quotes, the readying and mastering is relative to meditation and aligning the chakras, preparing us to enter the Secret Chamber of the Heart. Did you consider which realm?  For emotions transcend the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  Food for thought.

In the physical realm, can our emotions about a pain, sickness or disability create a rut or obstacle?  In the emotional realm, can hatred be overcome?  In the mental realm, are we creating blockages with our thought form?  In the Spiritual Realm, are we limiting our creative abilities being bogged down by duality and illusions?  Ask your Spirit for these answers and how it is doing?  Love and forgiveness go a long way on the Spiritual Path to Oneness.

Again from Marcus Aurelius: “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Three thoughts from Melanie Moushigian Koulouris:

“Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are, you will realize everything in your life is exactly how you allow it to be.” 

“Never underestimate the power that is, and always has been within you.”

“If you love, trust, and find truth within yourself, then you can never be deceived, you are all you need to believe.”

Master D.K.: “I choose to be healed by love this day, and in my own healing, I offer healing love to all others.”

Esther Hicks:  "The greatest gift(s) you can ever give another person is your own happiness."

I would like to conclude by saying that the Secret Chamber of the Heart holds the key to the question I started with “How is My Spirit doing today?” By going within, we find everything that the Universe and Oneness has to offer.   Creativity.  Happiness. Joy.  You name it, it exists. The lifting of the veil revealed to us.

We must remember that the veil is only a veil! The truth is always eternal. Through a single person, the Secret of Chamber of the Heart can be revealed in the ordinary world of everyday life.  I leave you with this thought from Master D.K.:  “May the Divine Essence Who/Which creates, supports, and cherishes life --- take up residence in my grateful heart today.”  Thank you.

References:  Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Secret of the Secrets,” The Spirit of Ma'at, Vol.4 No.1, August 2003.

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