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Monday, May 14, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 34 - Good Vibrations

Today I went to the Crystal Bed at 4 p.m. and had a 30 minute session.  For some reason, everything seemed to annoy me today.  This was unusual in that I was generally very calm on the Crystal Bed, and was not bothered by anything in the external environment.

But today was different.  There were a lot of loud sounds which I told my mind to ignore, but my mind didn't obey my orders.  I guess my mind has a mind of its own. Which annoyed me.

Anyway, this made me realize something important about Chakra stimulation:  Sound vibrations are at least as powerful as the light and color vibrations from the Crystal Bed.   In fact, they may be MORE powerful.  

There are some wonderful Chakra Chimes in the bookstore and when they are played while on the Crystal Bed it is a great experience.  Combining the light and crystal and color and chakra chime sounds is really powerful.

(Anyone interested in Chakra work should try this.)

It occurred to me how important it is to have Good Vibrations.  In fact, Vibrations might be the key to everything.

It also occurred to me that we can all help each other with this.  By which I mean, we can give each other Good Vibrations.  

If we think positive thoughts about other people, and send them love and regard, that is sending out Good Vibrations.  Why not do that more often?

I think the point of sending out Good Vibrations is not just to feel good.  Just like the Chakra Chimes help with healing and balance, so I think sending out Good Vibrations to other people helps with their healing and spiritual development.

I decided that in addition to finding healing on the Crystal Bed I would also try to help heal others by sending them as many Good Vibrations as I possibly could.

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