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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 31 - Unlimited Clarity

Today  on the Crystal Bed was one of those very deep, refreshing experiences that made me feel good all over.  Feeling this way was becoming more common; almost a routine. I had nothing left to complain about.

My mind was also relaxed since I had meditated before coming to the Crystal Bed.  I was calm and seemingly had no issues to resolve today.  I was hoping it wasn't the type of calm that precedes a bad storm!  There was no reason for me to think it was.

Today was a day when I felt that anything was possible in life.  Maybe it is; who's to say?

Looking at my present life and my future everything seemed clear today.  Possibilities seemed unlimited.  I could see no obstacles or hazards on the horizon.  Is it possible life is really going to be this way?  That would be surprising, but I'd take it.

Having these feelings was a bit unsettling.  Maybe I'm too used to dealing with problems.  I thought I'd better just go with the flow and enjoy the calmness and clarity while they last.

Is it possible that we needlessly create our own problems in life?  Yes, it is possible.

Calm, clarity and unlimited possibilities for the future.  Everything seemed good to me today.  Another good day on the Crystal Bed.

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