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Friday, May 4, 2012

Crystal Bed Day 26 - Why Am I Eating So Much Spinach?

Today on the Crystal Bed was all about Intuition.  My intuitive insights had never been so powerful.  One of the issues in my life that I gained intuitive insights about was the question, "Why am I eating so much spinach?"

Clearly this is not one of mankind's most pressing issues, but it was important to me to understand.  Since I'd started on the Crystal Bed my diet and eating habits had clearly changed.  For the better, I might add.  My body seems now to be telling me what to feed it, and it usually (but not always) wants me to feed it healthy foods.

Like spinach.  Let me go on record as saying that until recently I never ate spinach, at least voluntarily.  So for me to start buying spinach at the grocery store at least once per week was a revolutionary lifestyle change.

I think I'm getting used to it, although when I find myself grabbing handfuls of spinach from the bag in the refrigerator it still doesn't feel quite right.  This is part of the adjustment I'm going through due to the alignment and cleansing of my chakras on the Crystal Bed.

Today's insight was very simple:  the Crystal Bed Experience was not just healing my body, per se, but also healing my actions and behavior to give me a healthier body.  Maybe it's because the healing is on all levels:  the soul, the mind, the emotions and the physical body too.

This is a good thing.  It makes me believe in a Higher Power.  What more evidence do I need of the influence of a Higher Power in my life than for me to start eating spinach on a regular basis?

If you want proof of God's existence, this is it.  

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