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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crystal Bed - Day 25 - Manifesting Our Potential

Today on the Crystal Bed I had a very deep and restful 30 minute treatment.  Once again I saw a lot of dream-like images I couldn't immediately understand.  

Regardless, I felt there was a lot of activity in my subconscious mind that involved resolving conflicts.  I couldn't tell if the conflicts being resolved were just in my own mind or involved people in my external world.

Conflict is a normal part of our life on earth and not necessarily something to be avoided all the time.  Sometimes by working through conflict we grow, as individuals and as a group. If conflicts can be resolved amicably, so everyone benefits, then we're all better off than when we started.

Perhaps the growth that takes place in resolving conflicts has to do with understanding other people and compromising our own points of view.  Each of us has a unique perspective that we need to share with others.  By taking into account everyone's perspective, the entire group is better off.  

Being involved with other people means we don't always get our own way.  We don't have to compromise our principles and beliefs necessarily, but we should be open to letting in new information by hearing what other people have to say.

Ultimately what this does is make us all able to accomplish a lot more by collective effort.  If we all work together to a common end then we can achieve about anything.  We have to really learn to trust and respect each other.

These sessions on the Crystal Bed were making me see that I was part of a larger group that was also growing and healing and changing as I was.  It made me curious to find out where all of this is heading.  

I could see now that there was a tremendous amount of potential for us to achieve and accomplish something great. This applies to me as well as the larger communities of which I am a part, such as the the People's Church and classes sponsored by Daytona Books & Metaphysics.

After today's session I was filled with hope that we could maintain the positive energy and keep the groups of people working together in a positive way. If we do this I believe we can make manifest the great potential that we have latent within us.

Who knows what we can accomplish?

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